Bike Gob Glasgow Exposes Cycling Club Sexism

This Sunday the Glasgow based cycling campaigner Bike Gob Glasgow published a piece about the cities south side club, West Coast Velo. The depressing and frustrating tale starts in October of last year when there was resistance to some members posting links on the clubs facebook page in support of women only rides. Sexist and misogynistic views and abuse started coming to the surface leading … Continue reading Bike Gob Glasgow Exposes Cycling Club Sexism

Bearsway Decision 

Last night East Dunbartonshire council voted against the extension of the bearsway cycle lane which would provide a traffic free route from Bearsden to Glasgow.  Active travel is key to Scotlands future health and wellbeing but has suffered another defeat after a similar cop out in Edinburgh where the Roseburn to Leith Cycle Route has been shelved.  Stubbornness to accept fact based research and the … Continue reading Bearsway Decision¬†