Day 6. Pitlochry to Edinburgh.

Huzzah! We’ve made it! Our final destination is here! 🎶Oh Edinburgh, What a fine city thy are🎶 Seriously though, many people would probably consider this to be the most historical leg of our journey. After setting off from Pitlochry we met a couple of chaps, namely Mr Stanley Mills and Mr Stanley Luncarty, for elevenses before continuing south to Perth. (No not the Austrian one … Continue reading Day 6. Pitlochry to Edinburgh.

Day 5. Inverness To Pitlochry.

Today we were really out in the sticks. It was the Inverness to Pitlochry stage. We didn’t happen upon much civilisation and could enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish High Lands. We were also able to properly catch up with each other as we rolled along. When the popularity of travelling table tennis teams waned in the 80’s we had to give it up … Continue reading Day 5. Inverness To Pitlochry.

Day 4. Fort William to Inverness.

After cycling through the Great Glen today we arrived in the town of Inverness, but there was plenty to see on the way. By Jingos! What’s that in the water! Seriously though, just before we reached our destination we passed Lake Loch Ness. In terms of depth this lake is known to be the deepest body of water in Europe and lurking somewhere in there … Continue reading Day 4. Fort William to Inverness.

Day 3. Inveraray to Fort William.

After a day of many undulations in the terrain as well as some ups and downs we reached Fort William. The town sits at the bottom of Monte Ben Nevis. This massive structure, discovered by a local farmer in the late 60’s, is thought to be one of the tallest mountains of its kind in Britain. The winding road up it gained the nickname ‘Scotland’s … Continue reading Day 3. Inveraray to Fort William.

Day 2. Paisley to Inveraray.

Today was the toughest day of riding so far. We started off early, Hans feeling a bit groggy as usual, and headed first for the lovely Lake Loch Lomond. We stopped at Duck Bay Marina for elevenses and sat at the waterside to have a fun contest of ‘Spot as many makes of duck as you can’. Toby, being a keen twitcher, won hands down. … Continue reading Day 2. Paisley to Inveraray.

Tour of Scotland. Day 1. Paisley.

With many people stuck at home at the moment and looking for things to do, the famous cyclist and historian Giles Ripwell has kindly shared some of his work so you can try and fill out your days. While some might prefer spending time looking at funny videos of puffins, Giles has provided more serious material. He has opened up his dairy from his epic … Continue reading Tour of Scotland. Day 1. Paisley.

Ripwell Reports. Exclusive David Brailsford-Sir Interview.

Greetings from the Tour de d’Italia, or day I say it, Ciao! A few days ago it would have been שלום, but I will not go into that. I would like to say that the race heated up today, exploded into action, or it had a Giro classic flow to it but I wont bother. What I will say though is that I managed to locate … Continue reading Ripwell Reports. Exclusive David Brailsford-Sir Interview.

Ripwell Reports. The Final Nail In Wiggins’ Coughin?

“Time waits for no man, unless said man is in his retirement years. And said man can surely enjoy some peace and tranquility” as the old saying goes. Try telling that to a certain Mr Bradley Wiggins-Sir. In the year and a half since hanging up his bike to leisurely wile away his time at the regattadrome he has had none of the promised calm. … Continue reading Ripwell Reports. The Final Nail In Wiggins’ Coughin?

Ripwell Reports. Puffergate.


The famous historian and cyclist, Giles Ripwell, tries to get to the bottom of the latest furore involving Team Sky.

Crikey! It seems that hardly a month has gone by in the last year and a bit where there hasn’t been some kind of scandal surrounding Team Sky, the United Kingdoms of Great Britain’s number one cycling outfit. What with the TUE’s, jiffy bags, testosterone patches, recovery injections, and stolen computers there are now more gates in Sky’s recent history than in the founder of Microsoft’s house during a family get together. All of these episodes have hurt Sky’s reputation but they have managed to carry on regardless and have had a rather successful season. However Puffergate, the newest hoo-ha, might cause Team Sky to discombobulate like your laptop after a Windows update.

But that’s enough of the computer based analogies and time to find out exactly what the devil has happened and what the future may hold for those concerned with what has happened.

Continue reading “Ripwell Reports. Puffergate.”

Tour de of Britain, Stage 8. Worcester to Cardiff.

Finally after a tough week and a day we arrived at the grand finish in Cardiff, the biggest city in South Wales. As everyone knows the final stage always ends up in London but cycling there has been in lock down since the journalist Adam Boulton wrote a brilliant and well researched piece for some newspaper calling for an end to the “senseless worship of … Continue reading Tour de of Britain, Stage 8. Worcester to Cardiff.