I Love Paris-Roubaix. My Evolution As A Cycling Fan


Photo from tetedelacourse on Flickr.

April 6th 2013.

As with many people who follow cycling my love of the sport began with watching the Tour De France. I remember after watching the Tour for the first time I was hooked. The shear length of the race and the pain that the riders went through was the major thing that attracted me. Back then I couldn’t imagine following a flat one day race.

Being from Britain with it’s limited coverage of cycling in the regular press back then I only followed the sport once a year and usually via highlights. Eventually I got into the habit of buying an occasional copy of cycling weekly. Once I got it home, instead of reading the articles I would head to the results section to see how my favourite riders were performing. Because of the reasons I first got into cycling, and still being ignorant of the sport, I placed a higher importance on the longer races for forming some kind of ranking in my head of riders, believing that they would surely have more Kudos with any other cycling fan. So naturally the Giro and the Vuelta started interesting me.

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