Frank Ross “All cyclists are….” Bingo.

Anyone for a game of ‘Frank Ross “All Cyclists Are….” Bingo’?

The confrontational businessman, Frank Ross, who is the leader of the SNP in the Edinburgh City Council doesn’t like ‘cyclists’. He does like witnessing and cataloging unacceptable behaviour by some people on bikes and seems to enjoy blaming all people who ride bikes for those individuals actions.

These narrow minded views are usually reserved for the comments sections of Facebook but Frank is a policy maker.

They are also very dangerous views as they legitimise and fuel the aggression and violence dished out to innocent law abiding people on bikes by people in cars.

Last week it seemed he had changed his ways as he used the word “some”. Was he starting to see ‘cyclists’ as individuals?  Nope. Only ‘drivers’ are afforded that luxury.

Anyway, now for some fun and a game of ‘Frank Ross “All Cyclists Are. ….” Bingo’. See how many times Frank can demonise everyone who rides a bike.

Still not called “Bingo”? Might as well throw this old bahoo in then:



Frank seemed to have been quiet for a while. I thought his prejudices had mellowed, until this the other day. Is Frank again suggesting cyclists should be licensed in a scheme similar to many schemes around the world? Schemes which have failed and wasted tax payers money?

Why not just give a description of the person, the same as you would when witnessing any other instance of anti-social behaviour? 

A Sunday In Glasgow

With Flanders out of the way I find this is the perfect time of year to revisit ‘A Sunday In Hell’. Jorgen Leth’s masterpiece is perfect for getting you into the mood for Paris-Roubaix. I’ve long been a fan of the film so when I entered a cycling short film competition a few years back I decided to pay tribute to it, replacing ‘The North’ with Glasgow.

I hope you enjoy it and below is a link to the full original ‘A Sunday In Hell’.

Txurrukas Txorica Txadventure and other odd rider transfers


Photo from Xabiaz on Flickr

As I was skimming down the start list of the Tour of Catalunya today I had to do a double take about a third the way down. Wearing number 78 for Orica Green-Edge would be the Basque climber Amets Txurruka. I’m positive that I was already aware that the 33 year old had joined the Australian team, as I like to keep up with the transfers in the off season, but seeing things written down in the context of an actual race was still a shock and I’m sure I’ll still be rubbing my eyes in a comical fashion when I see Txurruka in his Green-Edge colours.

Yeah sure, riders move from team to team all the time but there are some examples of a certain type of rider pitching up at a certain type of team that feels so odd that something jolts inside you when you find out and you feel that the universe just won’t be the same place anymore.

Witnessing the start of Txurruka’s Txorica Txadventure (sorry) was exactly one of those occasions of weirdness. After spending his first season as a professional at Barloword, the last ten years have been spent at the Spanish regional teams Euskatel-Euskadi and Caja Rural. So a Basque, who is well into his twilight years, moving to an Australian team with a strong identity of having riders from the colonies will always strike me as bizarre every time I see him now.

But with cycling at a stage where old stalwarts are getting ready to retire and the new generation are trying to better themselves, there have been plenty of other strange moves which are curious for different reasons.

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