Marathon Training Blog

I have started a wee blog on Instagram documenting the training I will do for my first marathon (which has about a 1% chance of going ahead).

Check it out below.

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Marathon Training week 0. Tomorrow I start a 16 week training schedule for my first marathon, the @lochnessmarathon . I'm well aware the race might not even go ahead but I better get ready for it just in case. I've been working towards a good base fitness over the last 2 months, running over 200km in each of them which is much more than I am used to, as you can see from my monthly distances from last year. I have also been more disciplined with my long runs, doing a 20-25k each weekend. I have shown my VO2max, lactate threshold and predicted times from my @garminfitness watch. They might not be exactly accurate but it would be interesting to see if they come down over time. The run times in particular are overstated, my PB's are 19:50 for the 5k, 40:50 for the 10k and 90:31 for the half. I hope my weight comes down to, it is currently 68kg. #running #marathon #marathontraining #lochnessmarathon #instarunners #garminfitness #firstmarathon #jrs26point2 #jrsmarathon

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