Day 6. Pitlochry to Edinburgh.

Jesus (right) and William Wallace

Huzzah! We’ve made it! Our final destination is here! 🎶Oh Edinburgh, What a fine city thy are🎶

Seriously though, many people would probably consider this to be the most historical leg of our journey. After setting off from Pitlochry we met a couple of chaps, namely Mr Stanley Mills and Mr Stanley Luncarty, for elevenses before continuing south to Perth. (No not the Austrian one Sidney! Oh he’s a card).

Here we visited the former site of the Stone of Scone which has nothing to do with your mother in laws baking but was where the Kings of Scotland got crowned in the 60’s. The stone is now located in a pub in Scotland’s capital city Glasgow and the country’s present monarch, Nicola Sturgeon, is permitted one pint of heavy (Scots for bitter) in there every Tuesday.

The history kept coming thick and fast as we made our way to Edinburgh. Stirling Castle, a massive erection for William Wallace (from Braveheart) and the Battle of Bannockburn, which we must have just missed.

But the highlight of the day was towards the end. As we were riding across the Forth Road Rail Bridge we glanced across to our left and Jings! What a jolly fine sight! What a structure! My heart leapt with joy! The Forth Rail Road Bridge resplendent in red as it always is! Legend has it that because it is so big they can only start painting it once they have finished.

And we had just about finished ourselves. Half an hour later we were in Edinburgh. We’d had a bally good time and vowed to do it again, and perhaps, just maybe, with our table tennis bats.

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