Day 5. Inverness To Pitlochry.

A fellow going by the name of Rodger C. Tattersoll takes a stroll to the House of Bruar

Today we were really out in the sticks. It was the Inverness to Pitlochry stage. We didn’t happen upon much civilisation and could enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish High Lands. We were also able to properly catch up with each other as we rolled along.

When the popularity of travelling table tennis teams waned in the 80’s we had to give it up and then all went our separate ways. Sidney Otter-House moved back to his nature reserve in Austria and now has the biggest collection of puffins in Europe. Toby Cavery became a birdwatching coach for a few years before opening up the Tennents Bar Circus Disco and Wellness Farm. He married 8 years ago and has two children. Who could imagine! Old Cavers getting hitched! Hans Fruhstuck dabbled in a few things before settling down in his Bavarian castle. He was a sailor in his late 20’s (pictured), ran his families custard business a while later and also organised the Tour de Romandie bike race in Swaziland.

The first people we encountered all day was in the tweed lovers paradise ‘House of Bruar’. We wanted to use the toilets there but because they reeked of asparagus we continued a short distance along the road to Blair Atholl Castle. The gentleman who lives in this structure owns the country’s only private army. It was kept so private that people only heard about it recently.

At the foot of Pitlochry lies Lake Loch Faskally and a massive erection which produces hydro electricity.

Crikey! What’s this I hear! A fish ladder! The city’s main attraction, located next to the hydro station, is a ladder for fish. Local river expert, a fellow going by the name of Mr I.C.Freshwater, explained to me that the structure is there to allow fish to get over the damn wall. So I asked him why can’t they just go down the damn corridor and through the ruddy door like everyone else!

Hans Fruhstuck in his sailor days.

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