Day 4. Fort William to Inverness.


After cycling through the Great Glen today we arrived in the town of Inverness, but there was plenty to see on the way.

By Jingos! What’s that in the water! Seriously though, just before we reached our destination we passed Lake Loch Ness. In terms of depth this lake is known to be the deepest body of water in Europe and lurking somewhere in there is the Lake Loch Ness Monster (pictured). A prehistoric beast who survived the dinosaur cull 5000 years ago Nessy, as he’s known to the locals, hibernates during the winter but can be spotted during the tourist season.

The formation of Inverness started 40 years ago when a Tescos was planted in the area. The town has grown at quite a rate since then and is now home to no fewer than 547 Tescos supermarkets. Locals of Inverness used to make their way between the different Tescos by bicycle but sadly, since the introduction of cars to the area in 1994 the towns roads are one big motor vehicle traffic jam.

We were to let our hair down again that evening. Sidney, a keen cricketer, knew some fellow leather and willow admirers who live in the area so we met up with them in the evening to have a game of 10 pin bowling. Hans hit the schnapps and ended up needing rubber bumpers but it was jolly good fun and gave us a big morale boost ahead of tomorrow which was going to be the longest day of the tour.

Ten-pin bowling.

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