Day 3. Inveraray to Fort William.

Lans Armstrong and Yan Ullrich dueling on Mont Ben Nevis

After a day of many undulations in the terrain as well as some ups and downs we reached Fort William. The town sits at the bottom of Monte Ben Nevis. This massive structure, discovered by a local farmer in the late 60’s, is thought to be one of the tallest mountains of its kind in Britain. The winding road up it gained the nickname ‘Scotland’s Alpe d’Huez’ after it was often times used during the Tour de of the Highlands. The structure was witness to many epic duels between EPO enthusiasts Lans Armstrong and Yan Ullrich.

With a hard day of riding in our legs we all agreed that we deserved a good old knees up. So after checking into our hostel we took a jaunt into town where we heard that the local band ‘Sporrans Of Filth’ were playing in a nearby pub. At the entrance to the venue we were warned that the band played music called ‘Thrash Metal’. This certainly didn’t bother me, my first album was ‘Slippery When Wet’ by Bon Jovi.

Myself, Sidney and Toby didn’t last very long before finding a proper bar which sold real ales but Hans stayed and the next time we saw him was at 2 in the morning and stinking of custard.

Scottish Thrash Metal band “Sporrans of Filth”.

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