Bearsway Decision 

Last night East Dunbartonshire council voted against the extension of the bearsway cycle lane which would provide a traffic free route from Bearsden to Glasgow. 

Active travel is key to Scotlands future health and wellbeing but has suffered another defeat after a similar cop out in Edinburgh where the Roseburn to Leith Cycle Route has been shelved. 

Stubbornness to accept fact based research and the selfish belief that infrastructure should only be provided for cars means another great opportunity has been missed. But while stubborn voices should be heard as everyone should be allowed an opinion, it is local councils that are the ones who weigh up these views with the facts when decisions need to be made. 

East Dunbartonshire Council voted 12-11 against the bearsway. 8 SNP, 2 Lib Dems and 2 independents were those 12. In Edinburgh only 2 Green Party councillors voted in favour for the proposed route their and now in Ayr SNP councillors are in favour of ripping up a recently built cycle lane.

On the 4th of May 2017 there will be local council elections across Scotland. 

5 thoughts on “Bearsway Decision 

  1. I would like to clarify that Edinburgh’s Roseburn to Leith Cycle Route has NOT been shelved as per your article above. The decision made at Transport & Environment Committee on 30 August was to “agree with the overall principles of the ‘Active Travel Programme’ for the ‘City Centre West to East Cycle Link and Street Improvements Project’, and resolves to support the overall programme through to completion”. However, the decision “acknowledges that both suggested route options have outstanding design issues that will require further work, before finalisation of any detailed design, and eventual statutory processes”. The Committee therefore agreed to establish a stakeholder working group to discuss and agree the final route design. This group has met once already and we have arranged future meetings to enable a decision before the end of this year.

    1. After plenty of planning and consultation the committee wasn’t able to make a final decision on the route so the plans has been delayed, suspended or shelved.
      It’s good to hear the working group has met already but aren’t they just going to go over what’s already been discussed?

  2. As a cyclist and SNP voter I am very disappointed in their short sighted decision. I will remember this at the ballot box.

    1. I think before you comment on this decision you should check out the feeling of all who use this road. It is not about denying cyclists their right to use the road, it’s the bizarre solution the council decided to implement without proper consultation, therefore denying the right of the local community to say what would have worked for all. This design also impacts on public transport and the emergency services

      1. You’re right about the consultation for the original part of bearsway but rejected the scheme will stop people from cycling and I believe in the long run the pros will be far greater than the cons.

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