Tour of Britain report from Giles Ripwell.

Stage 7. Fakenham to Ipswich.

Today saw us ride through Suffolk and Norfolk known as the farming capital of England. The area produced the food for the Pharaoh’s of the country in the olden age. The gradual undulations in the terrain had quite a calming effect on me and I was about to dirft off as we passed near Banham Zoo when, ?!What the blinking jingos are those furry things looking this way and that?! I decided to ask the animal expert of the peleton, a German chap going by the name of Herr Andrew ‘the gorilla’ Greipel what they were. He told me that they’re called mere cats. When I enquired after their unsettling neck movements  he told me, in his best English I’m sure, “They are pray to other animals”. They should probably dispense with such superstitious nonsense and remain stiff necked like the rest of us! Mr Wiggins-Sir told me that Mr Froom used to feed cute little mere cats to his pet snake when he was younger.
The finish town of Ipswich is the birthplace of one Mr Geoffrey Chaucer said to be the inspiration of modern day novelist and nobel prize for literature winner Mr E.L.James.
The man I mentioned before, Herr Greipel, won the stage and Mr Hagen still leads overall.


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