Doprah – before, during and after. Lance remains an enigma.

Lance Armstrong

Photo from Jeffery Gerhardt on Flickr.

January 26th 2013.

The lance Armstrong doping story, the tale that never ends. It Is one which cycling fans had become to grow tired of toward the end of last year and the person who held the answers to the questions the story posed, would never talk. Then suddenly at the start of 2013 things started to happen at pace. Around the 8th of January reports began to surface that Lance Armstrong was ready to confess. Soon it was confirmed that Lance would be interviewed the coming Monday by Oprah Winfrey and their chat would be televised on the 17th and 18th. Would Lance would be putting this thing to bed? Mmmm.

So what was Armstrong’s motivation for coming clean? . Maybe Lance was truly sorry for the lies he had told over the years and wanted to set the record straight. But how much would he tell? The fact that he had chosen Oprah the chat show queen could have meant he wanted the public to truly forgive him, Travis Tygart might disagree with this idea. The cynics out there were suggesting he wanted to fast track a half assed confession, reduce his lifetime ban from sport and get on with his triathlon career. Regret, redemption or restart? We were seeing more questions posed than getting any answers. Perhaps doprah would clear this all up.

So after much action on twiter “where the hells Oprah tv?” “not sure if I’ll stay up and watch it” “streaming sites! are there any streaming sites?” doprah soon arrived. It started well. There would be no holds barred, we were told, and then Lance finally admitted he was a cheat. After all this time he was telling the truth, he had changed! Well not entirely. The show continued and the former bike racer refuted some claims made to USADA investigators, was making excuses for what he had done and refused to answer some of the questions. Lance should have been lying on his couch in front of his jerseys, this was a therapy session, one with the patient taking one step forward then one step back. Everyone was still clueless as to what to believe. The only thing you could say for sure was Lance Armstrong has a bizarre and ill-advised way of telling jokes.

So what now for him? Only two things are clear. First, he wants to continue his sports career and secondly he should never take up poker. But he would need to speak to USADA or the UCI to start triathlon and running in whichever marathon it is. Taking part in an enquiry would be a gamble, there are massive legal ramifications in doing this. If he does help with any enquiry will he do it with his head held high, or constantly looking down to his right, still protecting his own interests? And what of the organisation? Is he biding his time till he can get back to the top there or leave it completely? And how will he treat the cycling fans he has let down? Whether he admits it or not Lance Armstrong holds the answers which could, actually, change cycling now.

The Lance Armstrong story is far from over.

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